This is the home of the dream factory. It's where our  horror movies have come from since 2008, and the art films before that. And they still do.
Here is the music--electronic, New Age, Space, ambient--you name it. If it can be done with a synth, it's probably here.
This is our pulishing division, with fiction and non-fiction alike. If you like to read, find it here.
Our latest venture is Septem Saecula, a production company devoted to producing entertainment that is different, unusual,  off the beaten track, and artistic in nature, rather than commercial.
The company was founded in the mid-1970's by Jim DeVault (writer, filmmaker, and composer), and in 1991 took the Stone Bell Creations name.

DeVault began recording his music in the mid-80's, but began recording in earnest with the building of his private studio in 1991, and the company, for a time, concentrated on releasing that music. The company name was adopted for that purpose, and remains the music label name to this day.

In the years since its beginning, though, the company has produced numerous short art and animation films, and since 2008, numerous horror and thriller features under the name Brainpie Media Productions.

They have since entered the publishing business, publishing several books of fiction, as well as non-fiction under the Pixie With A Gun Press name.

Browse around the site. Click on the logos to check them out. This is what you will find here:
Welcome to Stone Bell Creations, and the home of artist Jim DeVault on the Internet.