Pastor Rabbitt's Revival is the name of a traveling tent revival, and the troupe includes Rabbitt himself, two deacons, four band members, a singer, and Rabbitt's daughter. The thing about this revival is that they are more interested in increasing their income than spreading the Word.

Pastor Rabbitt's Revival is a dark, somewhat surreal, and highly ireverent comedy, as well as a story of faith, sincerity, and the lack thereof, told through the members of the troupe, and their patrons—er, congregation.

Oh, and Death is traveling along with them, too. Literally.

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166 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1517405649
ISBN-10: 1517405645
BISAC: Fiction / Humorous
What Readers Are Saying:
"It's a great read. Loved it!" --R.H.
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