THE WORLD OF AZTEQ (or Masked Wrestler)

AZTEQ Origins:
During the heyday of the Aztec Empire, there existed an Order of Knights –  JAGUARS – who were a trained militia and vowed to die protecting their homeland.       

The “Head” of this Order was the god MIXCOATL (God of War). From a very early age,   they were trained in the art of warfare and in the lost ancient Aztec martial art called *Yaomachtia. (*Hurakan Kalmekak if we use a Mayan warrior descendant.)     

The senior soldiers wore masks to inflict terror on their enemies, and the hearts of their prisoners were the raw materials to satisfy the blood lust of their god.     

A severe drought, in conjunction with the bloody Spanish Invasion in 1525, was the beginning of the end of this great empire.     

After the Spanish genocide, a brave General of the Order, named AZTEK  TECPICALLI (meaning The Great Warrior), was among the lucky few who escaped to distant lands.      

For generations, the descendants of General TECPICALLI continued to train in Aztec martial arts and the use of the Great Warrior’s mask, which sealed their commitment to protect and shelter the weak and underprivileged.       

Today, AZTEQ, a direct descendant of General AZTEK TECPICALLI, continues this legacy of honor, justice and dignity.
*Yaomachtia – Lost Mexican martial art used by the Aztec military in ancient times. Yaomachtia translates into “warrior teachings." Yaomachtia comes from the Nahuatl words yaotl (warrior) and machtia (to study). The Aztecs built temples and schools to teach the new recruits how to become lethal war machines. The most skilled warriors became “Jaguar Knights” after proving themselves on the battlefield. Texts or codices did not survive the brutal Spanish invasion because the conquistadors burned and leveled most Mexican cities to the ground. They also burned all the Yaomachtia schools, codices and scrolls containing the techniques and philosophy of this lost Mexican martial art.     

* Hurakan Kalmekak – Lost Mayan martial art used by the Mayan militia in ancient times. See an Example

Riddles of the Story      
To become a Jaguar Warrior in the ancient Aztec Kingdom, a member of the Aztec army had to capture four enemies during battle. In the story, Azteq’s four enemies, or challenges, are:     
1) Prince Vlad (Wrestling match)  
2) Tsunami (Wrestling match)  
3) The Prowler   
4) His former girlfriend, Ivie.     

The Symbol of the Number 4      
There are four kidnapped victims in the story: Betsy, Rene, Jenny and Ivie.     

The Letter J      
All male victims’ names start with the letter J: Jerry, Johnny and James. The letter J is also the first letter in word jaguar.   

The Connection Between Azteq and the Jaguar   
The jaguar is an opportunistic hunter, with a preference for larger prey. In the story, Azteq always faces bigger and stronger opponents.      

The Meaning of Uncle Raymond’s Name   
The name Raymond is from the Germanic word Raginmund, and meant “counsel; mighty protection; guards wisely.”