In the 1960’s and 1970’s Mexican cinema created a series of low budget films featuring real-life masked wrestler, Santo, as a crime fighting super hero. Santo himself was very popular, so it was only natural that his movies would be also. Santo had appeared in a comic book series in the 1950’s which continued for 35 years, until he retired from the ring at the age of 65.  

Though there were other wrestlers active in the genre Santo reigned supreme, and  remains a recognizable character to this day, along with fellow wrestler Blue Demon, who appeared in many of Santo’s movies as well as his own. As an homage to these characters, author Roberto Mercado and artist Kundo Krunch created the graphic novel, Azteq vs. The Prowler of the Lonely Woods combining the classic Luchadore crime fighter with a crazed, knife-wielding killer. From the graphic novel came the screenplay, which is the reason you are reading this.  

The project is targeted to several audiences. First, it is a fun and nostalgic throwback to the classic Lucha Libre films, combining good fun and lots of action. Second, it taps into the ever-popular wrestling craze, and Azteq being a Mexican wrestler, it crosses over to appeal to both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences. Third, the Prowler will appeal to the fans of the Slasher movie genre.

The end result is this: whether you like knockabout wrestling action, slasher movies, action and adventure, or the nostalgia of the classic Lucha cinema, you will love Azteq vs. The Prowler!

Click here to see sample pages from the graphic novel!  

Jim DeVault
Directing the film is filmmaker Jim DeVault. DeVault, a long-time independent filmmaker, has produced and directed six feature films, in addition to his short films, with more in pre-production. His 2012 horror feature, Jebadiah’s Axe, was an official selection of both the Famous Monsters and Twisted Tails Film Festivals. He has also authored books on filmmaking and low budget horror and science fiction films, as well as several novels. He, along with his favorite Director of Photography and Editor, Wes Sutton, and a talented production crew are in charge of bringing the script to life.  

Nicki Rauscher
As producer is Nicki is a long-time collaborator on DeVault’s team, she is a valuable member of any production she is associated with. She also happens to be a hard core wrestling fan.  

Of course, a film needs acting talent, and they have lined up some of the best for this project.   We are proud to have Chanel Ryan (Bad Girls Go to Hell, Circus of the Dead, The Haunting of Alice) in the role of Ivie, Azteq's girlfriend. She, and a few other lovely ladies, will be menaced by the Prowler, played by professional wrestler Mike Knox.

And speaking of professional wrestlers--and what would we be without them?--professional wrestler Aski Palomino will take on the title character, Azteq. His presence on screen will add a dimension of realism to the character because he is an actual wrestler. In fact, all of the wrestlers in the movie will be just that: actual wrestlers, which will make for the most realistic wrestling action, because it is real wrestling acion. Matches were filmed before live audiences at actual wrestling events! Wrestlers appearing in the ring with Azteq are:
Franco D'Angelo as Prince Vlad
Michael Tarver as Tsunami

Wrestlers also appear in other parts of the film, as well, including:
Tanga Loa
Darewolf PJ Black
Guy Atticus

Also in our cast is actor Robb Hudspeth as Police Detective Longley, the homicide officer that teams with our hero to track down the Prowler and--hopefully--the beutiful abducted women.

The entire film was proudly produced around the North Central Texas area, with several key scenes shot in an abandoned slaughter house! .  

It was shot and edited digitally in full HD, in a 1.77:1 (16:9) aspect ratio, anticipating DVD, digital, and possible broadcast distribution.  

Originally produced in English, it will also be dubbed in Spanish for Spanish speaking audiences, making it a truly multi-cultural experience.

This is going to be GOOD!