The disappearance of a masked luchador’s ex-girlfriend leads him, and a local police detective, to hunt down a mentally disturbed, deformed kidnapper.

The Story:
Masked luchador, AZTEQ, and a local police homicide detective, Chris Longley, head to Fort Lake, Texas, when the wrestler’s ex-girlfriend (Ivie Proctor) is reported missing. Aztek learns from a police report that Ivie is only the latest in a series of young, kidnapped blonde women whose male companions were killed. The wrestler joins forces with the Longley to hunt down the perpetrator, who Longley believes is a collector, a hoarder of women, who also has killer instincts. Longley’s judgment suggests a slight possibility of finding the abducted women alive.

Following her abduction, Ivie discovers that she is being held captive by a huge, deformed psychopath in a rural house, and that she is one of several blonde female prisoners locked up in his basement. Tip-offs and personal intuition lead AZTEQ and Detective Longley deep into the forest where the sequence of dreadful kidnappings and murders took place, but danger awaits them...