Welcome to the home of BRAINPIE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, independent film production company located in Dallas, Texas. We have been producing films for more than forty years, taking on the name Brainpie Productions in 1985, and then Brainpie Media Productions in 1991. We are the film/video branch of our parent company Stone Bell Creations. Our catalog includes live action and animated short films, and live action feature films, with more in development. It is our goal to produce and distribute quality films to our audience, despite the fact that our budgets may not be in the millions of dollars. We sometimes "go against the grain" when it comes to our films, believing that the consumer is more aware of his or her own needs than the corporate decision makers of the major studios and DVD distributors, and our past efforts have shown that belief to be more than accurate. Our feature films, in particular, supply the mainstream audience with entertaining, even thoughtful stories while maintaining the entertaining elements that make a film good viewing.

We are owned and operated by filmmaker Jim DeVault, who picked up a movie camera for the first time forty years ago, and has been at it ever since. Producing mostly short art-house style films (being a surrealist at heart), DeVault has also, more recently, begun producing more mainstream films, such as the short film A Grave Waiting (2007), and his features The Sisters Four  (2008), The Fun Room (2010),  Blood Reunion Trilogy (2012-15), Jebadiah's Axe (2013), plus Stories in the Night and Azteq vs. The Prowler, in production for release in 2016. He continues to work as director, producer and screenwriter, with feature projects in development for several years down the road. You can view his IMDb page here.

On these pages you will find links to the Brainpie Media Productions Catalog where you can purchase the films in streaming video or on DVD, current production activity, casting needs, trailers and other fun stuff.

What others are saying about Jim DeVault:

"I first met Jim at the North Texas Filmmakers Network... I went to the meeting because the President of the Dallas Screenwriter's Association...had told me that every screenwriter needs to volunteer on a movie set to become a better screenwriter. This turned out to be incredibly true and great advice for any aspiring screenwriter.

"Before I left that evening, his Producer...had penciled me in as a Production Assistant on the set of Jebadiah's Axe...

"When I drove up to that compound in Lake Tawakoni I never imagined what adventures awaited me, but most of all I never imagined that I would be inspired to direct my own film.

"It takes a special person to direct a movie, but it takes an even greater person to inspire others to direct their own movie, and Jim was an inspiration to me. Everyone should be so lucky to be a part of his crew...

"Anyone that makes a movie is a hero in my opinion. It takes an incredible amount of creativity, work, and patience. Jim masters all of this while sipping calmly on a Dr. Pepper."

--Diana Bigham, writer/director

"Working with professionals makes all the difference...after our 3 a.m. shoot, and our awesome director Jim DeVault who I am convinced runs on Energizer batteries."

--Denise McMillan, actor

"I have been on location and have worked with Jim Devault a couple of times, and I MUST SAY, he as easy to work with and as professional as they get. I will work with Jim anytime the opportunity arises!"

--Cliff Silver, stuntman

"For a very brief moment I was able to enter his mind and I've come away with the knowledge that he really is twisted and I love it."

--Billy Weaver, filmmaker

"This was my first time working with Jim DeVault, and I have to say he is a wonderful director to work with!"

--Mike Bacon, actor

"I can say that I have definitely learned from you. The way you stay calm and patient and treat everyone on set is amazing. Cheers to you!"

--Sheri Davis, actor/director

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