Interview on Fear The Dead Radio with director Jim DeVault about The Sisters Four and more. Broadcast 12-5-2009. Hosts: Eerie Eric, Nicole Kruex, Joe Flynn.
Click here for the interview, Windows Media, about 55 minutes.

All video files below are in QuickTime

2:08 (a love story) Trailer: 30 seconds.
A heartfelt homage to the surrealist cinema of Dali and Buñuel, it tells the story of a man caught between reality and his subconscious, between the solidity of life and the illusion of dreams.

Clox Without Hands Trailer: 30 seconds.
Surreal, symbolic images. Dark, sombre cinema. Included in the Shorts DVD collection, it is an unofficial sequel to 208: (a love story). More intensly surreal than 2:08, it is also packed with symbolic imagery.

Bigger Than You: 6 minutes, 2 seconds.
Also included on the Shorts DVD. What if you woke up and you were all alone? A child's lesson learned through a nightmare. Starring Kendrick and Razz Brewer.

Embarrassing Moment #437: 5 minutes, 26 seconds.
Just when things are going good, just when you're making a hit with that cute girl you've been wanting to meet, it happens: yet another of life's embarrassing moments. Stars Eric Rhoades and Amy Brown. On the Shorts DVD.

The Practical Handout: 1 minute, 47 seconds.
Tradgedies for Children #1. If you're going to give a man help, give him what he needs. On the Shorts DVD.

The Little Flying Thing: 3 minutes, 42 seconds.
Tradgedies for Children #2. You have to walk before you can fly, or, at least, study very hard. Oh, and don't talk to strangers. On the Shorts DVD.

Mr. Mannequin's Epiphany: 3 minutes, 50 seconds.
Tradgedies for Children #3. Love sucks, and then you die. On the Shorts DVD.

Cat's Eyes: Experimental. 6 minutes 54 seconds.
An experimental video from 1983. The result of wondering what the world looked like from a cat's point of view. Shot and edited in the camera. This version was taken from the original tape, to which 20 years of time passing has not been kind, so the video quality is pretty bad. It is included here for purely historical/archival purposes. The music is Jim DeVault'sLair Of The Carmel Dragon (1982). Enjoy.

Doggie's Daydream: Experimental. 1 minute 54 seconds.
A very rare, early film work, c. 1978. Abstract and surreal, it was shot and edited on silent Super-8film stock. It is presented here with Deus Ex Machina, music from Jim DeVault's CD Tide & Time.