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Stories in the Night
Stories in the Night is an anthology of short stories to be produced during  2016 -17 for DVD and digital release.

Safe in Bed Segment
Production Dates: January 2017
Pay: Deferred (2 weekend days, maximum. Friday and Saturday nights)
Director: Jim DeVault
Studio: Brainpie Media Productions

Character Breakdown:

Frank: Male, Caucasian, 40's - Typical suburban father of two children. Average build, handsome, clean cut.

Marilyn: Female, Caucasian, late 30's to early 40's - Frank's wife, and, physically, a good match for him: average build, pretty, well kempt.

Zoe: Female, Caucasian, 10-years-old - The focal point of the whole story. An absolute must: ability to show intense fear,  and convincing crying, preferably at the same time.

Michael: The son, Caucasian, 8- or 9-years-old. Cute, but a "little brother," so a bit obnoxious. NOTE TO PARENTS: Michael doesn't live long in this story, so if that bothers you, pass on it.

The Triptych Trilogy
LOG LINE: The story of a girl named Arizona, and her discovery of truth, lies, and the unsettling horrors of the real world as they unfold before her...
Production Date: TBD, hoping for 2017.
Hea shots and resumes to: triptychcasting@stonebellcreations.com

Triptych Trilogy is a high-concept art film. It is an entirely unique kind of project for the company, a trilogy of featurelength films, and the filmmaker's return to his roots as a surrealist.

Character Breakdown:
(NOTE: Some characters are involved in more than one of the trilogy, and as such are difficult to categorize as lead or supporting. Some parts are paid, and some are deferred. Pay will depend on our funding, which is underway now (see the web site).
  • Arizona as a Child: Caucasion, female, 10 years, slender, blonde. Lead in first film, supporting in second and third. Must take direction well, and have good emotional range. Paid.
  • Arizona as a Teenager: Caucasian, female, slender, blonde, must be at least 18-years-old. Lead. Character is 19. Wide emotional range. Some nudity. Paid.
  • Arizona as a Young Woman: Caucasian, female, 20's, slender, blonde. Supporting. One day on set.
  • Father: Caucasian, male, mid- to late-40's. Supporting. Good emotional range. Paid or deferred.
  • Klerus: Caucasian, male, late-40's. Supporting. Priest, but not entirely "priestly." Paid or deferred.
  • Old Man: Caucasian, male, late-50's or 60's. Paid or deferred.
  • Richter: Male, 40's, slender and tall. Judge presiding in a dream sequence. Paid or deferred.
  • Verteidiger: Male, 40's, slender and tall. Lawyer "representing" Arizona in a dream sequence. Paid or deferred.
  • Guth: Male. Symbolically, the Voice of Truth. Paid or deferred.
  • Eric Caucasian, male, late-30's. Studious and handsome. Arizona's unrequited love interest in second film.  Some nudity and sexual content. Lead. Paid.
  • Diene: Caucasian, female, early- to mid-30's. Eric's live-in housemaid and lover. Some nudity and sexual content. Lead. Paid.
  • Felix: Caucasian, male, late-40's. Much like Klerus, priest, and a pretender to his faith. He is quick to condemn others while ignoring his own weak faith and less that wholesome ways. Paid or deferred.
  • Ivy: Caucasian, female, 30's. Ivy is the female equivalent of Felix, but without the priestly raimants. As such, she has more freedom in the way she appears to the public eye. Some nudity. Paid.
  • Lover Boy: Caucasian, 30's, handsome and somewhat muscular. Clandestine lover of Arizona's mother. Some nudity and sexual content. Paid.
  • Watchman: Male, age open, but older. Supporting, second film.
  • Elzie: Caucasian, female, late-20's. Similar character to Ivy. Some nudity. Paid.
  • Foster: Caucasian, male, late-40's. Doctor tending to Arizona in second film.
  • Death: AfricanAmerican, female, 20's, attractive, slender. Some nudity and sexual content. Paid.
  • Extras: Urchins, riff-raff, and layabouts; eople you wouldnt want to meet in a dark alley.
  • Extras: Headless Woman, Chain Woman. Female, 20's or 30's, for dream sequence. Nudity. Paid or deferred.
  • Extras: Miscellaneous mourners for funeral and other sequences.
  Pastor Rabbitt's Revival
LOG LINE: a story of faith and sincerity--or the lack thereof.
Production Date: TBD, hoping for 2017.

A dark comedy about a traveling tent revival, and the desire for making money more than saving souls. Based on the novel by Jim DeVault.

Character Breakdown:
  • Pastor Rabbitt: Male, Caucasian, and perhaps a bit pale, tall and slender, mid 40’s. He is the head of the tent show, more interested in making money than saving souls. Moody and thoughtful when he’s not on stage.
  • Phoenix Phyre: Female, Caucasian, blonde and big, shoulder length curls, fully proportioned, late 30’s. Vivacious and friendly with those she likes, but can hold her own with those she doesn’t. She is a singer with the show.
  • Death: Male, Caucasian, pale, tall and gaunt, 50’s. Sombre (as you would expect Death to be) but really a nice guy once you get to know him.
  • Candy: Female, Caucasian, well proportioned, late teens to early 20’s (at least 18+). Rabbitt’s daughter. Typical teenager, more or less. Grew up on the road, and is fairly well adjusted to the gypsy lifestyle. Brief nudity and sexual content.
  • Morris: Male, Caucasian, late 30’s to early 40’s, not overly handsome, but not unattractive. Deacon with the show. Arrogant. Thinks he’s just what every woman wants, but no—just no. Some nudity.
  • Gilly: Male, Caucasian or Hispanic, late 30’s to early 40’s, average kind of guy. The show’s other deacon, and more or less the opposite of Morris.
  • Danny: Male, Caucasian, handsome, mid-20’s. Band member (guitar). Down to earth guy, and Candy’s secret love interest. Brief nudity and sexual content.
  • Easy: Male, Caucasian or Hispanic, mid-20’s. Band member (bass). Laid back personality, very relaxed--until he is confronted by his ultimate demise, then he screams like a girl.
  • Alan: Male, Caucasian, mid-20’s, muscular. Band member (drums). About as smart as a roast beef, but has some insightful thoughts occasionally.
  • Freddy: Male, African American, mid-20’s. Band member (keyboard). Full of funk. Dresses like he stepped out of the 70’s.
  • Lottie: Female, Caucasian, well proportioned, early 20's. Vivacious and flirtatious. Nice, friendly girl with a clergy fetish. Sexual content, but no nudity. Featured, 2 to 3 days.
  • Father Terrance: Male, Caucasian, 50's. Local priest and object of Lottie's clergy fetish. nervous and jittery. Supporting, 2 days.
  • Belinda: Female, Caucasian, late 40's to early 50's. Lottie's mother. Supporting, 1 day.
  • Jerome: Male, Caucasian, 20's. Hit-and-run driver in an accident that causes a death. Worried about mortal soul. Supporting, 2 days.