Closing the Circle
Closing the Circle was a 23 minute video we made back in 1991 for ICTN (Irving Community Television Network) under their Special Projects Fund,
which was funded by ICTN and Paragon Cable. It starred Jack C. JHays (as Jack Hays) an Oklahoma actor and friend. The video was an
attempt to encourage recycling within the community. Whether we can take any credit or not, recycling has become more prevalent in Irving
in the intervening years. In the stills below you will see a shot of a dozer pushing trash around in the landfill in what is a hole about 30 feet deep. That hole
is now a small hill of trash. I would say we need to recycle faster.

See the video by clicking here.

It hasn't been seen since about, oh, 1991, but we think it was a neat little video, all things considered.