Rosa Nichols as Traci Holmes

Traci is a successful interior designer. She is also plagued by a recurring nightmare, the source of which is hidden deep within her subconscious, something that has blocked her memories of childhood. Those repressed memories may also be connected to a series of brutal murders that are occurring in the city. She and her fiancee, Richard, have to unlock Traci's past in order to save their future.
Korey Duke as Dr. Richard Metzer

Traci's fiancee, Richard, seeks the reason behind Traci's nightmares. In his search he begins to discover her connection to a past drenched in blood, crime and evil.

Tim Taylor as Fred Tyson

Fred is Richard's friend and colleague. He also works with Richard in digging up information that will help him piece together the puzzle.
Rich Zvosec as Detective Romero

Detective Fletcher is cynical and worn out by years in the Homicide Division, but hanging on until retirement. He has seen every conceivable murder, but, tracking down the murderer of several young women in the city may prove to be the most bizarre case of his career.
David Earl Kemp as Detective Fletcher

Romero's partner in the Homicide Division. Surveys a crime scene with a keen eye for detail. His talents are indispensable to his partner, and the two work together like a finely tuned investigative machine.
Larry Jack Dotson as Dr. Charles Brandon

Called in by Richard and Fred, Dr. Brandon is a psychiatrist who searches for Traci's missing past, probing into her repressed memories for the answer to her problems.
Vanessa Leinani as Mrs. Kruder

Mrs. Kruder, sadistic former owner of the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, she is not what she seems to be.
Melody Brooke as Mrs. Mason

It is Mrs. Mason, current owner of the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, who was closest to the evil in Traci's past, and it is from her that Richard obtains his most important information.
Also Starring as "The Sisters"

Rebecca Conerty

Rebecca DeNee

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Kayla Bowman

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Emily Acevedo
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