· The Sisters Four has received a special invitation to submit to the inaugural Bram Stoker Film Festival in Whitby, England.
· Interview on Fear The Dead Radio with director Jim DeVault about The Sisters Four and more. Broadcast 12-5-2009. Hosts: Eerie Eric, Nicole Kruex, Joe Flynn.
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· Film review at Rogue Cinema
· The complete Production Diaries are available as bonus material on the new DVD release.

Production Diaries Chapter 1
November 15, 2007, The story so far...
Director Jim DeVault discusses the project, The Sisters Four, its origins and the current state of the project.

Production Diaries Chapter 2
November 22, 2007, Auditions...
The auditions are over, good people found, and the search continues.

Production Diaries Chapter 3
December 2, 2007, Squalid
Director Jim DeVault visits the first location for the shoot.
Production Diaries Chapter 4
December 17, 2007, Naked in Winter
Director Jim DeVault discusses the less than favorable conditions of the first days' shooting.
Production Diaries Chapter 5
December 24, 2007, Another One Bites The Dust
The first victim dies horribly...and sticky.
Production Diaries Chapter 6
January 30, 2008, Two More Shoots Down
And the hits just keep on coming...
Production Diaries Chapter 7
March 27, 2008

Back In Action
Ups, downs, ins and outs...
Production Diaries Chapter 8
April 17, 2008

It's A Wrap
Ups, downs, ins and outs...