It's been almost two years since the release of The Fun Room, and it's been a great two years! Keep the party happening and get your copy today.

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The Fun Room is now available on DVD from!

The Fun Room will be screened at the Dallas Angelika theatre on October 6, 2010. Tickets are available for $10.00, or $15.00 atthe door.

The first release is now available (released September 28, 2010) from It is available as a DVD elease and video stream. Click below for details.

AMAZON release coming very soon!

The Fun Room Script Book and The Fun Room novel are in the works. The script book will be available very soon. The novel will be available later in October 2010.

The Fun Room Original Soundtrack CD will be available in October 2010 as well. Fifteen cuts of original underscoring by Jim DeVault, the end title music by Gary Boren, PLUS a bonus track by Gary Boren, "The Way it Ends."

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