The Fun Room DVD. Full, uncut and unrated feature, and BONUS MATERIAL: An Afternoon with Gary Boren Featurette, Blooper Reel.
The Fun Room Script Book. A reproduction of the original script, with a foreword by screenwriter/director Jim DeVault.
The Fun Room Novel by Jim DeVault, based on the film. Get deeper into the mind on Eddie Roberts.
The Fun Room Novel by Jim DeVault (Kindle Edition) The paperback version without the paper.

"...the best “go for the throat” horror fiction I have ever read."
--Clayton Bye,
The Deepening World of Fiction
The Fun Room Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Includes the Bonus Track "The Way it Ends" by gBo.
Large 23" x 35" full-color poster, showing a still from the film (April Hartman as Jasmine). Buy it here for only $27.99! 

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