Regina Waters
as Rebecca
Regina has worked on such films as Evil Behind You, Sole Possessions, and
After Sundown, as well as roles on television's Prison Break and on the theatre stage. In her starring role in A Grave Waiting, she plays Rebecca, an undead wife out for vengence.
Robert J. Kelley
as Isaac
Robert J. Kelley began acting in elementary school, moving on to high school musicals, appearing both on stage and behind it, in local college and community theatre. He's worked on previous film projects with director Jim DeVault, appearing in 2:08 (a love story), and behing the scenes on Embarrassing Moment #437. In A Grave Waiting he plays Isaac, a loving husband and good father, but the unfortunate object of Rebecca's wrath.
Lexi Wozniak
as Jennifer
Lexi Wozniak has been seen on television on Barney and Friends, the theatre stage, and as a dancer and model. In A Grave Waiting, she plays the part of Jennifer, the young daughter of Isaac and Rebecca. Young and innocent, she still mourns her recently departed mother. But there will be a reunion...
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