Texas Frightmare Weekend 2007!
Was a lot of fun. Here's some pix.

Director Jim DeVault and actor Robert J. Kelley.
(Photo courtesy Ryan Rodante)

DWN Productions
were at the table to our left. Cool masks and props.

Scream TV
with who will be distributing A Grave Waiting on-line.

Bill Zebub
at the table to our left. Thanx for the freebie, Bill. If we're ever in New Jersey you can give us a tour.

had the misfortune of having the table directly accross the aisle, having to stare at us for two days. Mia Elvington (right) is also a costume designer.

And of course, the two greatest directors on the planet: Jim DeVault and Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment. Toxie is there in the back.

Congratulations to Becky Swift of Newalla, Oklahoma, the winner of the movie prop and companion book.
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