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Release Year: 2014
Despite the eroticism of its cover, Bound for Glory has a more romantic theme, symbolizing the sacrifices that have to be made to make a loving relationship work. Separated into segments: Hearts of Fire, Hearts of Earth, Hearts of Ice, Hearts of Air, and Hearts of Aether. The rhythmic and upbeat Closure completes the collection.
 Release Year: 2012
The "unofficial sequel" to Gallows Humor takes up where the previous collection left off, with a collection of Armageddon-themed cuts that range from Dark Ambient to (considering the theme) surprisingly upbeat Synthpop. Again Gary (gBo) Boren lends his guitar virtuosity on some tracks.
 Release Year: 2011
Concept work centering around the subject of execution by hanging and the condemned's last rites, starting off with haunting electronic textures and ending with rhythm-driven synthpop.
 Release Year: 2009
(Original Recordings (1994 - 1995) Tells the sci-fi story of a computer world that, once its own star dies, searches the universe for the thought and intelligence that gave it life; a sort of Intelligence vampire. A compilation of songs from two CDs totaling more than an hour of playing time
   Release Year 1999:
Musical pieces based on the ideas of war, both Trench Warfare and Cold War, inspired by childhood memories of each. Contains both vocal and instrumental in styles from rock to Dark Ambient.
 Release Year: 2001
Musical painings of different cultures (Celt, Maya, Nirvana), religious beliefs (Dakowanga, Malleficarum), and the extended title track Cathedral Suite, an eight part tone painting of a Gothic cathedral.
   Release Year: 2001
Music inspired by DeVault's studies of the Inquisition, its place in history, and the victims it claimed. Very Dark Ambient in tone from beginning to the veryambient closing track, Relax.
Release Year: 1999
Musical works inspired by his own Celtic heritage, Jim DeVault gives us electronic realizations of Irish and Scottish themes, both original and traditional.
Release Year: 2004
An collection of songs ranging in style from Synthpop to Dark Ambient, including the upbeat Ou Sont Les Neiges D'antan? (Where are the snows of yesterday?)
Release Year: 2011
Four CDs containing early works of Jim DeVault, most from 1994 and before, and including some never before released cuts.

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