For many years, now, the available CDs of my music have been from the years 1994 and after, from Cascades 1 & 2 and after. For the last few of those, however, I have been going back into the archives of old master tapes from recordings before that, music that was released on a very limited basis, and for the most part, which lacked the more advanced technical abilities that my current studio has.

Some of those older cuts, though, stood out from the crowd for one reason or another, and begged to be seen again. The recordings are still primitive, by my current standards, but thoroughly enjoyable listening. That is the reason for this collection of four CDs collectively titled Rare Glimpses. I have spent a few years singling out some of the best of those early cuts (and re-discovering some I had forgotten completely), re-mastering them, and presenting them to you here. Enjoy.