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The Zhen Trilogy

In 2008, Jim DeVault wrote a trilogy of screenplays with sexy lesbian vampires, mysticism, revenge, suspense, and an ample dose of horror and gore. These screenplays went unproduced (in favor of his Blood Reunion Trilogy (2012-2015)), but not being one to let a good story go untold, the trilogy was novelized, and is presented here in either paperback or Kindle.

Adults only. More information here.
Pastor Rabbitt's Revival  

If you think it's all about religion, you're wrong.
It's also about lust, greed, sex, loneliness, deception, insincerity, and Death.

Pastor Rabbitt's Revival is the name of a traveling tent revival, and the troupe that includes Rabbitt himself, two deacons, four band members, a singer, and Rabbitt's daughter. The thing about this revival is that they are more interested in increasing their income than spreading the Word.

Pastor Rabbitt's Revival is dark, somewhat surreal tale, told with highly ireverent humor, and a touch of horror. It is a story of faith, sincerity, and the lack thereof, told through the members of the troupe, and their patrons—er, congregation.

Oh, and Death is traveling along with them, too. Literally.

Check it out here.
Darling Emily

Jim DeVault returns to narrative fiction once again with this tongue-in-cheek ghost story about a 10-year-old haunt who is, besides being possessive (no pun intended), is twisted, and more than a bit off in the head. Told from the sympathetic point of view of the wayward spirit, as well as the still-living, with DeVault's uniquely off-kilter, sardonic sense of humor. Go to the official page here.
The Handy Guide to Being Single

Are you single? Bored, fed up, looking for something different? Then this book is for you!

Looking for a way to not be single? Then this book is still for you!

In these pages you will find ways to make your situation better, whatever it is, written by someone who has seen it all, and survived it. Now she passes her experiences on to you, with advice on how to make it in the real world of singles... singles just like you. Check it out here.
The Weeping Stone

The Weeping Stone
is a collection of poetry and lyrics by Jim DeVault, written between the mid-70's through 2015. Ninety pages, available on Kindle only for 99 cents!

Filmmaking on a Low Budget-- a Re-e-e-e-eally Low Budget

Filmmaker Jim DeVault's indespensible guide to making film on an almost non-existent budget. If you're looking to get into film production, look here first! For more information go to the page by clicking here.
Shoot the Director and It's Not as Bad as You Think

Author Jim DeVault takes us on a personal journey through 100+ years of movie making, singling out some of the best of the worst sci-fi and horror movies along the way. Brush up on the history of science fiction and horror cinema and have a good time reading this insightful, humorous look at classic, or at least classically cheesy movies from more than a century of cinematic art. For the avid fan of cheesy movies, or for the novice wanting to become a connoisseur.

There's also his followup to Shoot the Director, titled It's Not as Bad as You Think. In this volume he comes to the rescue of one of the most maligned films in history, Plan 9 from Outer Space. By bringing to light and discussing numerous examples he attempts to help his reader understand that Plan 9, despite its dubious reputation, is not the worst movie ever made. Filled with humor and information this book makes a great companion to Shoot the Director.

Click to go to the Shoot the Director Site - Go to the It's Not as Bad as You Think site 
The Fun Room

The novelization of the film by Jim DeVault. Clayton Bye of The Deepening World of Fiction said it is "...the best “go for the throat” horror fiction I have ever read." What else needs to be said about it? See the movie, then for a deeper, more terrifying experience read the book.

You can get it in print or in Kindle versions.