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  About the Author
Jim DeVault is a writer, composer and independent filmmaker living and working in the Dallas, Texas area. Not a Texas native, he has lived here long enough to consider himself a real Texan. In the decades he has lived there (more than he will admit to) he has spent more than 35 years as a filmmaker, having completed numerous short films, and, at this writing, three feature films, if you count one of them being three short films, thematically related, and edited together into a feature length film. As a composer, he has recorded and released more than 20 CD's over the years, in styles ranging from ambient to rock. He currently has two dogs, but actually has four in the house, but two of those aren't really his, he just feeds them. The two big ones are his; man-sized dogs. Hooyah! Anyway, apart from all that, he is a life-long lover and advocate of cheesy horror and science fiction movies, particularly the ones from the 1950's and 1960's, and has seen and collected many examples of the era over the years, and he has taken this opportunity to expound on them at length. So buy this book. It's really not that much and you will be assisting the author in making enough money to get his hair cut, because it really is getting too long.