Films by Jim DeVault: Written by Jim DeVault: Music by Jim DeVault:
Brainpie Media Productions (production company) Pixie With A Gun Press (publisher) Stone Bell Creations (label)
Septem Saecula (production company) Darling Emily (horror, supernatural, dark humor) Aisle Seat (CD)
Blood Reunion Trilogy (feature) Pastor Rabbitt's Revival (dark humor, satire, horror) Bound for Glory (CD)
Closing the Circle (short documentary) The Zhen Trilogy (horror, erotica, vampires) Cathedral Suite (CD)
The Fun Room (feature) Shoot the Director (non-fiction) Fortress (CD)
A Grave Waiting (short film) It's Not as Bad as You Think (non-fiction) Gallows Humor (CD)
Jebadiah's Axe (feature) Filmmaking on a Low Budget--a Re-e-e-e-eeally Low Budget (non-fiction) Homeland (CD)
The Sisters Four (feature) Illustrated by Jim DeVault: Machine (CD)
The Lovers' Trilogy (short film trilogy) The Handy Guide to Being Single (self-help, dating, relationship) Saffron Cross (CD)
Stories in the Night (feature in production)   Stereoptican (CD)
    Tide & Time (CD)
Pastor Rabbitt's Revival (in development)   War Stories (CD)
Azteq vs. the Prowler of the Lonely Woods (in development)   Rare Glimpses (CD)
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