Subtitled The Story of a Girl Named Arizona, The Triptych Trilogy
is a proposed trilogy of feature-length surrealist films by author and filmmaker Jim DeVault. The story follows Arizona as a young girl, through her teenage and young adult years, and her discovery of truth, lies, and the unsettling horrors of the real world as they unfold before her.

The completed films, titled The Journey of Time, The Moon and Its Wings, and Iron Sky, will be distributed online, on DVD, and will be exhibited on the festival circuit.

The film will be produced and filmed by DeVault and his crew at Brainpie Media Productions, and their new art division, Septem Secula.

The films will be produced on a very minimal budget of only $5,000 each, for a total of $15,000. The director, Jim DeVault, has become adept at shooting his films quickly and efficiently, allowing his production company to keep production costs at a minimum, and thus make profitability more attainable.

The production money will go primarily toward securing locations, cast, and crew. The crew, as is DeVault's usual practice, will be kept to a minimum, and the cast will be selected from tried and talented actors that have worked with the company on films in the past.

The production is being crowd funded. Contributions can be made in any amount through our IndieGoGo or PayPal campaigns. Of course, as with any fund raiser, there are rewards for contributions, starting at the $25 level.
For $25 and above, each contributor will recieve an advance DVD copy of the film.
At $50 and above you will recieve the advance DVD, and free admission to the advance screening in Dallas.*
At $500 and over, you get the DVD, the premiere admission, and a chance to appear in the film.*
For $1,000 and more, you get all the items above, plus an Associate Producer credit for your support. In-kind donations are also accepted for necessities. Email if you would like to offer assistance.

Thank you for your support.

*Does not include travel and lodging