Zhen, is a young woman , unaware of the evil lurking outside her suburban home. An evil in the form of an ancient vampire named Quintana. Her lustfor blood is matched only by her lust for the young women in whose veins that blood flows.

Zhen has fallen victim, to Quintana, and her destiny seems to serve her mistress, bringing her the young flesh and blood she desires, as well as satisfying her own blood lust. Now, the struggle begins between the two vampires: Quintana’s lust and desire to keep and possess Zhen, and Zhen’s desire to be free of her evil mistress.

This trilogy of stories, here in this single volume, are author Jim DeVault’s tale of combining horror, erotica, and an intriguing story that will entertain to the very last page. From Pixie With A Gun Press.

ISBN-13: 978-1519337764

ISBN-10: 1519337760
450 Pages

Horror - Erotica